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In today’s blog I thought I would share a bit of an obsession I have with Tea. I have so many different types in different flavours. I haven’t added them all here or this would be quite a long blog, so I have just picked out a few that I’ve used the most this past month. Hope you enjoy!


Earl Grey

I love Earl Grey, it’s just a nice relaxing cup of yuminess. It is hard to describe the taste but it is worth at least trying if you haven’t tried it, it is a really nice relaxing drink.


Tetley Decaf Green Tea

This is great for when I want to relax but I don’t want any caffeine because I’m tired and obviously drinking anything with caffeine makes you more awake so I love that they have created a Green Tea but without the caffeine for another choice to have last thing on a night to just relax you.


Tetley Blend Of Both

This is very clever and great for anyone that isn’t too keen on just the Green Tea taste because even though it does say it has Green Tea in these Tea bag’s, it literally does just taste like normal Tea but still gives you that relaxed feeling while drinking it. I love this idea, it’s such a great blend.

Twinings Green Tea

I love Twinings Tea, it tastes amazing. The one thing I love to do is keep the Teabag in the cup while I drink it, because it just gives your Tea a much stronger taste & I love strong tasting Tea. I’ve always got a box of Twinings in the cupboard & I’m forever buying new flavours to try.

Tetley Super Green Tea Immune

Lemon & Honey.

This is my newest love of Tea. This is absolutely perfect if you love tea & you are feeling unwell with cold or you just feel run-down. This is a definate must try. I love this Tea, it has been my saviour since been very ill throughout this month. It has a strong flavour of Lemon & Honey and just really gives you that boost you need to make you feel that bit better. It is a really good throat soother too. I highly recommend this Tea to anyone that becomes unwell and loves drinking tea, it will really help a lot.

This is just a small portion of the different types of Tea I have in my cupboard. I drink coffee during the day to keep me going throughout the day, but as soon as night falls, tea is my night drink. Tea or hot chocolate which I also love very much.

Are you a Tea drinker?

Which type of Tea do you love the most?

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Much luv.




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