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A house, a family, heating & lighting, the ability to go shopping for food & much more simple things in life that we take for granted. There are people in our world that do not have these simple things that we take advantage of on a daily basis.

Christmas must be hard with no family, no food or even a home to keep you warm and safe every night.

So why not this Christmas, help someone in need? People can help those in need so easily & the help you give feels just like Christmas or makes their Christmas that little bit easier for them. It would be appreciated & it can make a person’s year just by doing a little bit to help.


Elderly people can not get around very well, they can not get to the shops easily & do struggle with simple daily tasks. This Christmas would be particularly hard because of the cold or due to mobility problems, getting there shopping home or even finished can be a major battle for some elderly people.


They are ways you can help, your local Elderly Shopping Services or Volunteering Services is a good way to start. It is guaranteed to make their Christmas that little bit easier to enjoy without the struggle.

You can find any local Elderly Shopping Services or Volunteering Services online.


It is horrible to think how many people are going to be so lonley this Christmas, unfortunately this is a fact. Some people have no family or have family but due to family issues no longer see there family. It is heartbreaking to think about but it’s a fact in the world we live in. Just spending an hour or two with somebody who hasn’t got anybody on Christmas day would make there day feel much better.


The Salvation Army do so much for so many people like the elderly, young families & even the homeless. Donating clothes, toys, old blankets and even that old coat you no longer need. Take them to your local Salvation Army, they will be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t have the money to buy that blanket they need to stay warm or that coat!. It is so easy to just throw away our junk but why not donate it instead, give somebody else the items you had but they cannot afford.

It is hard to see homeless people on the streets, cold, lonley. Trying to make cash to survive by getting their next meal or hot drink to warm them up. Sleeping in shop doorways, finding rubbish like cardboard, thrown away clothes just to keep you warm!. It’s no life for any human being…but unfortunately it happens, unfortunately it’s a fact of life. You can do your bit to help, a blanket, a coat or even an old jumper. Anything you have that you are wanting to clear out, take it to the Salvation Army. It will be very much appreciated.


Homeless Shelters are fantastic, they provide a dry place to be warm for a few hours & even provide food. Soup kitchens are growing for homeless people but it’s still not enough, volunteers are scarce, so it is hard to keep them going without people to help. Donating food or Volunteering in a Homeless Shelter can make a huge difference.

Humans are not the only ones to suffer! Animals also need care. In fact animals that have become homeless or attacked is growing fast in numbers each year. Cats & dogs plus other animals been found dumped and abandoned on the streets or in worse places. Animal Shelters, your local Veterinaries or the local Rspca take donations all the time. Blankets, food or any old pet bed bed/bedding is helping. Anything to help an animal sleep better or be more comfortable while they stay.

If you are considering wanting a pet, please check out your local animal shelter or Rspca and consider Adoptiong instead. These animals need a forever home, a lovley family to care for them.


We as a family do our bit every year, we donate anything we throw away to local charity shops, Salvation Army places or anywhere else we can think of that may need it. We very rarely throw away anything unless it is damaged & dangerous to reuse.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

Any comments, likes and feedback all very welcomed.

Much luv.



4 thoughts on “Help At Christmas | Blogmas With LisaG”

  1. A lovely blog and what you say is so true,there are others out there who are much worse off than we’ll ever know we must all do our bit no matter how small well done love xxx

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  2. Love this post Lisa, every time I visit the super market I always donate to the food bank collection or for the pet food collection. A little goes a long way and I would rather someone have a warm sleeping bag on Christmas Eve than unwrap yet another box of chocolates on Christmas Day.

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