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 Born in the 80’s?  Then you will love this Christmas In The 80’s Blog. Enjoy! 



Mr Frosty: Release Date 1980.

Mr Frosty was indeed a delicious invention. And one that put him at the top of many a Christmaslist in the 80s. Mr Frosty was a snowman-shaped piece of white plastic (think The Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters) with a sweet, smiley face and the word ‘FROSTY’ across his front in red. We all wanted this 80’s favourite, because it meant we could make slush puppy drinks to our heart’s content, or until we got severe brain freeze! Everyone wanted a Mr Frosty & it has been so popular that a more modern Mr Frosty is still on sale today.

Care Bears: Release Date 1981

The Care Bears a group of multi-colored bear characters. The Care Bears were initially created in 1981 by Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC).


Each Care Bear comes with there own name & are they all come in a different colour & with their own distinctive mark on the tummy that represents there duty or personality.

Which Care Bear did you own?

Care Bears are still going today and looking more modern & more vibrant than they were in the 80’s.




Boglins Release Date: 1987

Boglins were a series of toy puppets distributed by Mattel. They were created by Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Mass, and Licensed by Seven towns. They were made of flexible rubber and could be manipulated to represent speech and facial expressions. Each given there own name that went with each of their own personalities.

Do you remember these creepy characters?


And last but not least out of the pick of 80’s memorabilia I had chosen for this Blog is my personal favourite  (Yes I had this).

The Sega Mega Drive  Release Date: 1988 in Japan. Originally known as Sega Genesis developed & sold by Sega Enterprises. They console was used by fairly big game cartridges that you slotted in the top of the console and using the joystick or game pads to play the game through your TV.

How far game consoles have changed now, looking back at this and even older ways to play games like Atari, is just mind blowing to the distance that Technology has really grown to now.

There was so many more toys, gadgets etc that were released in the 80’s, too many to mention in this blog but here is just a few i chose for my Blog.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Leave me any comments you like regarding any of these or any other toys or gadgets you enjoyed as a child.

What was you’re favourite?

Much luv.




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