4 Lipbalms – Goodbye To Dryskin | Blogmas With LisaG




To create that perfect party pout, the last thing you need is cracked, chapped dryskin!. Here are my 4 favourites that I use myself and highly recommend.



The original favourite has to be Vaseline!.

Vaseline have been going for so long, many many years & is still a firm favourite that is used for all types of dryskin and works wonders. It has come along way through these years and now even comes in a multitude of different flavours like strawberry and my favourite Aloe Vera. I don’t think there is a Beauty shop or Supermarket or even a Poundshop that doesn’t sell at least one of the flavours of Vaseline Lipbalm, it is literally everywhere now. I think I’m starting a collection I have so many haha!. It is great for dryskin, it does feel very greasy but in a nice way as it also soothes. The original is nice but I love the other flavours they come in more.

Vaseline. – £1.29 Superdrug



Swizzels Lipbalms

There are so many brands of Lipbalms out on the high street & online now more than ever. I personally love the retro style & pretty much any other funky looking girly Lipbalms. I think it is becoming more of a collection of mine to buy different new Lipbalms.

These retro Swizzels sweet Lipbalms I absolutely love & I have mentioned these in a Vlog on my YouTube Channel before. See  Here to check it out for a full review. The flavours are so amazing it is so hard to not want to literally eat them (eww I know). But seriously I do recommend them, they really help my dry cracked lips.

Amazon – £9.78



Another favourite of mine is the Nivea Pearly Shine  not only does it really help with your lips to get them looking smooth again but it also gives you a lovley pink sparkle shine to your lips, kind of like a Lipgloss. I love this Lipbalm because you can literally wear it anytime and your lips look nice wearing it. Nivea is one of my favourite skincare brands anyway but I will always have this item amongst my other Lipbalms because it is just too pretty not to have.

Superdrug  £1.49



Lip Silk Lip Balm 

I love this Lipbalm because not only does it help the dryskin on your lips but it also moisturises your lips too, leaving your lips feel super soft with a couple of days use. It smells amazing. You can get this in different flavours but Strawberry is my favourite. Best thing also is that it doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling on your lips. The packaging is just super cute too with this egg shaped container. Not a Lipbalm that is well known but I buy mine from Amazon.

Amazon 3 pack £6.99



Do you have any Lipbalm favourites?

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, Thank you for taking the time to read it.

All comments, likes & any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.





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