Favourite Christmas Movies | Blogmas With LisaG


One of the best things about Christmas is a good Christmas Movie!. Here in my blog, I have put together a list of my all time favourites. Hope you enjoy!.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

An absolutley hilarious movie that never gets boring to watch. It has so many funny scenes in it that I just love. What I also love about it is.. the storyline, it is your typical family Christmas get together!. Showing us that things do go terribly wrong at Christmas and how funny things can be when they do go wrong. If you have never watched it and you love comedy, it is definately the movie to watch.


Your typical Christmas tale that is mixed with comedy, sadness & a good storyline. Scrooged to me is a classic Christmas Movie. I never get bored of watching this movie every year.

Home Alone 1 & 2

So much I love about these two Christmas Movies. The comedy, Action with happy endings thrown in. An old but still a classic movie that I’m sure most people still watch and love every year. So many unforgettable funny scenes…Brilliant movies!.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Who used to love the Muppets when they were younger?. I know I did!. I love this movie. Just an all round magical, funny movie that is great to watch.


Jack Frost

This is one of my all time favourite movies that i love a little bit more than the others above. So much to love about this movie, the storyline, the comedy and also the sad ending (and yes I do cry everytime). Haha!.

A movie I highly recommend you watch at least once this Christmas, think for us, it will be at least twice this year.

Trading Places

This is an extremely funny movie. So much comedy but it is not your typical classic Christmas Movie but it is always shown around this time of year…every year!. If you love comedy? It is one movie not to be missed.

Die Hard 2

To those that know me well, know how much I’m a huge fan of these classic Bruce Willis movies. I never get bored of watching these movies, over & over. Die Hard 2 is the one out of the Die Hard Saga that is shown every year. Such an action packed movie, that has a lot of great scenes in. Brilliant!.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Another favourite of mine is this dark but brilliant Christmas Movie, created by the amazingly talented Tim Burton. If you are not a fan of dark creepy animations then this movie wouldn’t be for you!. I just love absolutely everything about this movie  the storyline and the animation is amazing. I’m a big fan of Tim Button’s movies. I’m very excited to watch this…this year.

Rise Of The Guardians

Another dark yet brilliant animated movie. Again great animations, fantastic storyline and such a brilliant cast playing the characters too.  Full of magic, amazement and excitement. This animated movie just has it all, i love it.

Definately  a must see if you love Animated, Adventure and Fantasy type of movies. This movie I will be watching again over Christmas.

What Christmas movies are your favourites and which do you recommend?

What movies will you be watching over this Christmas Month?

Disclaimer: All illustrations shown are sourced from websites & I do not claim them to be my own.  All opinions written here are my own.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Much luv.



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