Plans & Goals


No matter what happens in your life, there is always something in life that needs doing or tending to. It is a never ending battle from one thing to another. From something that breaks down and needs replacing or the feeling of wanting a new makeover for your home to a new lifestyle change which requires new technology equipment or a new piece of furniture. In life there is always something that needs to be done. So today I thought I would share with you my/our furture plans & goals, some are recent & some are plans that have been there for a while but not yet got around to doing (we have all been there once) haha!.

Most recent I will start with & then go back to the longest plans we have had.

So first up to mention is my camera which is the most recent change & plan. As some may know I owned a Canon 1100D DSLR which took me a longtime to get hold of, because for years I have been raving about wanting a dslr.


Finally at the beginning of this year I got it & at a great price, second hand from a lovley man who was selling it. I was over the moon that I finally owned a dslr & a fantastic camera it was too. It has seen me through a lot of my great photography & I loved it. Since starting around the same time as my my blog though, I have had issues with it, going out of focus and not knowing how to use it at its full potential. No matter how many youtube tutorials I watched or books I had read online about how to use it, I just couldn’t get to grips with it. So I finally gave up trying and made the decesion to sell it & now my plan is to get something smaller and much more easier to use instead. Now I’m blogging & vlogging (back on my channel again soon) a smaller camera with a flip out screen will be a lot easier to use for me. No doubt I will blog about it when I get a nice camera, hopefully very soon.



So the picture above is an example of what I’m hoping for, just to give you an idea. So yeah that’s my recent plan for this coming year. I will just be able to do so much more with this type of camera than carrying around a big dslr camera. Will be much more inconspicuous for one thing.

Laptop or pc.

A while ago we had a desktop but unfortunately it became very slow & not nice to use without getting quite annoyed with it, plus as most people know with any older desktops they were very bulky & did take up a lot of room. We have quite a tiny house with very all rooms so it really stuck out like a sore thumb. Anyway after about a year & again plans to become a blogger you tend to realise why you needed it & so quickly regret the decision to get rid of it. So now we have plans to get another, preferably a laptop as they are more compact and easier to carry around if needed. It is true when they say you don’t realise how much you miss something until it’s too late. So hopefully this will also be a near future purchase this coming year.


With my blogging now taking off nicely and I’m loving it so much everyday. But unfortunately the one thing I’m missing out on is doing more fashion blogs that I have wanted to do. For a few reasons fashion blogs haven’t been possible yet, party due to the fact that we have such a small home so fashion photography is kind of impossible, especially also when you are a very busy fulltime mum that is constantly on the go & not on a very high income, that also can get in the way of not being able to do hauls as much as most bloggers. So another plan for the future for me is to save to have that little treat of a fashion Haul, to be able to take up fashion blogging more.

Home Makeover & new furniture.

3 years almost we have been living in our home & due to personal reasons have not yet been able to finish getting our home how we would like it, so just recently this has been the top discussion for this coming year to knuckle down and get it done one room at a time. So much needs doing to our home to get it how we are wanting it. Decorating it is going to be pretty easy because we are wanting it mostly white looking. Because we have such a small home the best idea was to make it look bigger by brightening it up and making it look fresh and clean. The hardest bit is going to be furnishings, the furniture we have at the moment is lovley but there is still odd yet simple things that we still need. But plans are there ready for after Christmas, to put those plans finally into action.

So these are my/our family goals. I like having goals because it is something to look forward to and something to work towards putting into action.

What are your goals that you set yourself?

What are your plans for the coming year?

Feel free to comment & let me know or leave me feedback about my blog. All Comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Much luv.





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