Fashion Accessories – Jewellery

Do you constantly get bored wearing the same clothing day to day?

Did you know that just adding a few accessories can instantly change your daily outfit?

I’m no expert in Fashion at all, in fact I know very little, but I’m learning new things everyday. One thing I have learnt recently is just how much an outfit can look so much better by adding a few simple accessories here & there. Hard to believe? I know but it’s true!

Everyday I used to get so frustrated with choosing what I want to wear, but I’m learning more now through reading Fashion Magazines, books, even other people’s ideas and tips on how to make accessories work with whatever you choose to wear.

I’ve also learnt that nice jewellery does not have to burn a hole in your pocket/purse. Yes it would be lovley to have a big statement necklace full of pretty jewels from a jewellers shop, but I have found some beautiful jewellery pieces that have not cost me more than £5.00…Yes that’s right £5.00!. I don’t go near any jewellers shops, even if I had money to spend in a jewellers shop I wouldn’t unless it was for a special item that I was looking for. The only places I have ever visited to buy jewellery is the local high street shops and sometimes believe it or not your local supermarket like Asda/Wallmart, Tesco.

My favourite type of jewellery I actually love is handmade by crafters themselves. Some of the handmade jewellery I have seen is absolutley beautiful and it is amazing to know that there is some very talented people around us that put in so much time, money and effort into making such beautiful pieces of jewellery. Quite a few pieces of my jewellery are handmade from either crafters themselves or people that make the jewellery for local charity shops which I also love.

I can’t show you all of my jewellery because I have so many pieces, but I can share with you some of my favourite pieces that I absolutley love & why I love them.

Cameo Filigree Gilted Bracelet.

Moveable Diamanté Skull Necklace.

Diamanté Encrusted Rope Necklace.

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These 3 pieces are my most delicate and favourite pieces. I only ever wear them if I am going out for an evening meal or drinks with friends & family. I just love how these are designed. The moveable jewellery you can buy are very beautiful pieces & very well made in detail and how delicate they look. With the skull I love how every little detail has been taken into consideration when creating this necklace.

The Cameo Bracelet is the most stunning piece I’ve ever seen, the detailing is incredible & the Cameo itself is beautiful. Very well created.

The Diamanté Encrusted Rope Necklace is also very well made with a lot of detail and work that you can see that has been put into making it. Close up you can see how it has been made to look just like rope with the chains entwined in amongst each other. I just love how well created it is and looks stunning on with a nice LBD (little black dress).


Moveable Owl Necklace.

Another favourite of mine is my Owl Necklace with a moving head. Such a beautiful necklace that I have had many compliments on, found in a local charity shop so obviously I couldn’t resist. Lovley orange and black diamanté’s. This necklace I wear a lot during the day and it literally goes with anything I wear which is great.

Gold Plated Leaf Necklace.

I loved this piece when I spotted it in a local charity shop Because it is a necklace, like some of my other necklaces I have not seen before. (I love buying jewellery that isn’t seen everywhere or well known). It has beautiful intricate leaf detail that has obviously taken a long time to create. Each leaf just looks beautiful with all the detail that has gone into making it. I tend not to wear this a lot because again it is quite delicate but it looks lovley with any night outfit, going out for a meal or few drinks with friends or family.

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A few of my handmade pieces also found in local charity shops and high street shops. I love to find & buy pendants to mix match with other necklaces that I think look nice together. The yellow & orange round pendant I found on a leather lace. I wasn’t very keen on the lace that came with it because it was a bit well used and tatty but I loved the pendant so I bought it anyway & added it onto one of my pearl style necklaces and I love it.  I love Boho style fashion and the cream beaded necklace with the white shell I really love because it just goes well with a Boho style summer outfit. The brown necklaces are also Boho looking so I loved them too. Diamanté bracelets I love especially these ball shaped bracelets because in light they really do glitter & stand out, they also made on string that can fit any size wrists which is also great (as my daughter who is 11 would agree). One of my favourite fashion styles is Vintage/Rockabilly so when I saw this beautiful red heart shaped bracelet in a charity shop, I had to have it, same with my red ruby beaded necklacewhich is also very pretty.

I absolutley love big statement necklaces, so easy to make a plain little black dress look that little bit better, or a full length dress look less plain. Dress jewellery I find can be just as beautiful as any other more expensive jewellery but without burning holes in your purses.


This was another pendent I found in a charity shop on a shabby looking old chain that wasn’t very desirable to look at but again the pendent I found so pretty, at the same time u found this chain with nothing on it so I bought both and simply put them together and they look lovley together. I love the colour of this pendent, I’m not usually a pink, girly type of person but this really caught my eye and looked so pretty. I’m glad I bought them both because they looked better on than in the shop which I was very pleased about. The one thing I have noticed when buying items,  not just jewellery but the same with clothing too, is that items look better on tha  they do hanging up in the shops. I always buy something that catches my eye, even if I think it doesn’t look too great in the shops because you never know what they will look like on you & items can always be exchanged for something better.

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I love Earrings, they look so pretty and most will go with anything that you are wearing. So many styles I’ve seen in shops, different sizes, shapes, big and small, all beautiful.

Earrings really are the perfect accessory to finish of any outfit perfectly & make you look fabulous day or night. As with beautiful necklaces they can make a big statement to beautiful dresses, outfits and almost anything that you wear. Earrings like necklaces or any other jewellery again doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there is plenty of Earrings around in your local high street & also handmade Earrings too, found in charity shops.

What are you’re favourite types of accessories?  Do you have a certain piece of jewellery that you love? Feel free to comment below and let me know.

I really hope you liked my rather long blog about Jewellery I own and love. Thank you for taking the time to read it. My apologies for the length of this blog post.

Any comments, likes & feedback are all appreciated as always.

Much luv.





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