Primrose Candles Review

So something fantastic happened to me last week on the social networking site Twitter, I won 2 beautiful looking scented candles in a competition run by a lovley company called Primrose Candles being a bit obcessed with candles, as you can imagine I was very happy indeed.


When my package came earlier today I was very excited, I was also pretty impressed straightaway because as soon as I was holding the package in my hands unopened, I could instantly smell the candles & the scent was simply incredible and I couldn’t wait to open it. I was really happy that the candles had been well wrapped and it was clearly stated on the box that they were fragile, which was brilliant.


As soon I opened the box & after taking out a lot of the wrapping inside, there they were and they looked so much more gorgeous than in the photographs I viewed, the pictures just doesn’t do them justice, they are so pretty.

So these candles are beautifully presented in a good solid tumbler style glass container wrapped in clear plastic tied with a lovley ribbon in a bow, which I thought was very cute.

The bigger candle of the two which is named Peek A Boo & is a 30cl Natural Wax Scented Candle.wpid-wp-1447081474103.jpg

Sealed with a shiny mirror effect lid and a rubber seal on the underside. As soon as I had removed the lid the scent was much stronger but not too overpowering, just a really beautiful relaxing aroma that comes from the candle.

It is very hard to describe what the scent actually is, but in my own opinion it is like a calming, musk, vanilla type of scent. I love smelling this candle, it is just amazing. Definately the type of candle I would choose if I came across it in the shops.

I am really excited to light this candle although I don’t want to light it straight away because it is just so pretty, it makes me want to just keep it and not light it haha!. I think I will save it for a perfect night in relaxing with a movie or save it for a pamper night. Overall this is a candle I would purchase again & when this has all gone I think I will.


The smaller candle is named Pumpkin Pie & is 20cl, it’s not that much smaller really than the bigger one.


This candle I love that little bit more because the scent is just indescribable but amazing! As soon as I held this candle I could smell how great it was and although I love the other candle as well, this candle is my favourite out of the two & the one I am more excited about. The best way I can describe the aroma of the Pumpkin Pie candle is Autumn!

It is just Autumn in a candle, everything that makes you think of Autumn is just here in this scent. All I can think of when smelling it is: warmth, Autumn nights, sitting in front of the fire watching a movie. It is again just a very musky smell but with a spicy tone to it, like cinnamon. I’ve not smelt a Pumpkin Pie candle before but this is definately a candle I’m going to make sure that I have this in at least one room in my home from now on.

To purchase these candles to try for yourself or even just to view other types of candles to buy from this company, you can purchase them Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

As always any Comments, Likes or Feedback is very much appreciated.

Much luv.


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12 thoughts on “Primrose Candles Review”

    1. The pumpkin pie candle is my favourite, it smells insanely amazing. Definitely 1 candle I want to buy again. Primrose candles make beautiful candles. I’m sure you would love them too.


  1. Congratulations on winning! I like it when good things happen to nice people. I like the sound of both of them so will be having a look on the website. I’m currently half way through a temple spa – siesta forever candle which is amazing, very relaxing!
    Love reading your blog & it’s great news that it’s going to be read by loads of people. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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