My Bloggers Bag.

To get myself more organised which is really my downfall with Blogging, I bought myself a nice big notepad which I love so much because it came in it’s own folder to protect it which is brilliant and I love the bright orange & red colour too.   wpid-wp-1446991451297.jpg

Now I’m ready to take it everywhere I go & write down any ideas for blogs & themes etc that pop into my head, but I thought of a problem! I have a lot of bags and I mean a lot. But the only big bag I had that would fit my new notepad folder was my hiking rucksack bag and I didn’t want to use that because with hiking comes mud so it wasn’t in great condition and i still use it as my hiking bag, so yeah not good really. Not that I need an excuse to buy myself a new bag but I did need one to fit my folder & all the other necessary items I need too like my purse, keys, sunglasses (even though it’s not summer, they still go with me everywhere just incase). My make up bag, Tablet which includes my case & keyboard. Anyway I won’t list everything but you get the idea haha!.

So when I was out shopping I called into Home Bargains for a few bits I needed and found this cute rucksack, I cannot remember the price but I know it was under £8 which is a bargain because it is quite a big size on the inside and holds more than you think, to look at it on the outside it does look quite small but I’m shocked as to how much I can actually fit inside. wpid-collage-2015-11-08-12_36_24-1.jpg.jpg

What I also loved about it was the design which is a lovley Aztec woven rucksack style with brown leather adjustable straps, It also has a brown leather handle to the top which is great for hanging it up when not in use. Two cute little pockets to the front which also have really nice brown leather straps & magnetic fasteners on the underside. wpid-collage-2015-11-08-12_22_27-1.jpg.jpg

Another brilliant detail I noticed was that the rucksack was fully lined with waterproof lining (although yet to be put to the test). I also love that it also has a drawstring on the top of the bag to close it which is also made out of brown leather. wpid-collage-2015-11-08-12_25_04-1.jpg.jpg

I’ve not had it out in the rain yet but I’m very cautious anyway so I will make sure it doesn’t get wet just incase. I have been using this Rucksack for the past few days now & so far I’m loving it. It is perfect for me to carry everything I need and is a great fit for my notepad folder for all my blogging ideas that pop into my head while I’m out because there is nothing worse than an idea entering your head and having nothing to write it down on. So I am very happy with it.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Any Comments, Likes or Feedback is as always appreciated.

Much luv.


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