Poundshop Haul


Ok so anyone that has been following my blogs will know how much I love good bargains, so when I found out that a Poundshop was opening up in my nearest town where we go shopping…as you can imagine I was very happy. Of course I just had to call in when it did open to see what bargains I could find.

Here is my Poundshop Haul.

wpid-wp-1447003872360.jpg Fate of Flower Cosmetics  £1 each Pallette.

These Eyeshadow 18 Colour Pallettes were £1 each which is a brilliant bargain simply because of how many shades you get for your money. Each colour is very pigmented and high in shimmer which is what I love about them. There is not one colour in these pallettes that I don’t like, I love them all and I’m definately going to be using every single one of these shades. After trying some of the colours out, they look beautiful on. There is a bit of loose downfall to the powder but I’ve found applying less & building up the colour is better. There’s so many different shades to both of these pallettes that the amount of ways you can spend playing with these colours is going to be pretty endless. I’ve noticed that they are not as great with staying power as some of the more higher priced eyeshadows, but the eyeshadow does stay put for a couple of hours. But again you cannot complain at £1 each. Overall in my opinion for the price I definately would purchase these again.


Saffron Lipstick  – Shade Copper. £1

As soon as I saw the colour of this Lipstick I had to buy it. I’m loving all the copper trends that are out at the minute & copper is literally everywhere on everything. When I tried this for the first time it did feel a little dry to apply & did need building up with a couple of applications to get the good copper colour which I was a little disappointed about because I thought it would be a bit smoother to apply. Once applied it did look beautiful on, but another downside is that the staying power was poor & didn’t stay on for long at all, about 2 hours max I think before I needed to reapply which was also disappointing. Some bargains you purchase are of good quality but you do get the odd bad buy when shopping for bargains that isn’t so great, that’s just the chance you take when you are not buying more expensive higher end beauty products. If I wanted this shade in the future I think I will be definately looking more into purchasing Rimmel or any other better brands.

wpid-wp-1446998497053.jpg Black Opal Oil Free Foundation. £1

On the back of the packaging it states :

Usage: Smoothen everytime before applying to your skin. You will feel silky, smooth with flawless coverage. Also just to add on the front it says: An all-in-one cream for perfect looking skin & includes SPF 20 PA ++

Now I don’t really agree with the term perfect being used in that way on make up products because let’s be honest, what make up actually does give you perfect skin? Perfect is a strong word really. But I have used this a few times now and I can say this foundation I absolutely love, for a cheap bargain foundation I’m actually shocked to say & admit that apart from the “perfect” statement, they are pretty right with everything else they wrote on the packaging. It does give you great coverage & it is not thick but also not watery at all either. It feels really nice and smooth when applied to the skin, blends in very well and doesn’t cling to your skin or leave your skin looking patchy either. Another fact I love about it is that it does indeed last all day too which is brilliant. Overall I am definately pleased with this foundation and especially for a pound, I will be buying it again.


Glamorize Make-up Brushes. 8 pack. £1

This is a good set for the price, the pack comes with different plain brushes. Some brushes are smaller & thinner for eyeshadow use plus one thick brush you could use for bronzing or blending in foundation. It also comes with the original sponge type brush that you get in pretty much every bargain pallette which I will not be using as I’m not very keen on these types of brushes, they just don’t blend well at all. You also get an eyebrow brush with comb which isn’t great quality either really. The brushes are quite soft but I’ve noticed you do get some of the bristles come away whilst using them so these are not going to last as long as better quality brushes. They are not terrible but not that great either. Not something I would purchase again but again you get what you pay for.

wpid-wp-1447003868847.jpg W7 Cover Stick with Tea Tree Oil.  £1

When I first bought this & tried it for a couple of days it was brilliant coverage, applied well and lasted. But since using it a few more days I’ve noticed that it doesn’t stand well when you start to feel slightly warm. This cover stick basically turns the skin on your face very oily, very greasy to the touch, pretty much like you have added baby oil into your concealer. Yes not great at all. I rarely get warm so I think this is why it wasn’t noticeable immediately. I’m actually quite disappointed because it’s by W7 which are one of my favourite brands and this is the only product I’ve ever had issues with. To apply it, it does smell amazing but not over powering. So because it has Tea Tree Oil I think this is the main problem as to why after feeling warm it turns your face very oily. Not very impressed with it and won’t be purchasing it again.

wpid-wp-1446998506662.jpgGlade Scented Oils Festival in Tuscany. £1

I love candles a lot so was very happy when I saw this for only a pound. I think they are only usually around £4 anyway but it’s still good. I love Glade and usually buy the Glade plugins as they smell amazing and I love the seasonal & calming scents they come in. Not tried this scent before and the smell was very nice indeed, very warming and a very Autumnal scent to it. Downside is the candles are very small and only last 1-2 hours before you are left with a tin full of melted wax but the smell lasts for quite a while afterwards. They are good to use for a dinner party or just a cosy evening meal in for two. I use them whilst relaxing watching a movie. I love these, they are very cute & I now want to search for other scent refills because the tins are great to use over & over again.

Well that is my Poundshop Haul, I will be looking forward to seeing whathe other bargains I can find for future blogs.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, thank you for taking the time to read it.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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