Demonic Stitched Face – Easy Halloween Make – up


Every year I’m like a big kid in a sweet shop when it comes to Halloween. I love it!. I get so excited when the date comes around every year. I love everything about Halloween, the costumes, the make – up & decorating our house is also the best bit, I love it!.

Relaxing on a night with the fire on, candles lit & watching new & old classic great scary movies is also my all time favourite thing to do around Halloween also (even though we watch movies every night, Haha!!). The traditional Pumpkin buying & carving will always be a top favourite of mine, it’s just one of them things that needs to always be apart of Halloween because it wouldn’t be the same without it.

I couldn’t think of what to do for my Halloween Make Up Blog/Vlog so I took to the web for ideas.

So here is my Easy Halloween Make – Up Tutorial:


I started off just applying my usual daily St Tropez Moisturiser to give my face a Primer base to prevent my face drying out.



On my face I used: Snazaroo Professional Water Based Face & Body Make – Up in White. Applied with a bit of water on a round Make – Up sponge. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to purchase good quality Face Paint or Halloween Make – Up. I’ve used Snazaroo for over 5 Years and would definately highly recommend them to everyone! They create great coverage and so easy to use. I will not use anything else. They can be purchased in most places like Amazon, Ebay or check out their website Here



Next I applied Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eyeshadow in #17 Allure. With my eyeshadow brush, I brushed all over the eye area (not neat in any way at all) Made it as messy & big looking as possible for effect, brushed right up to just underneath my eyebrows and in a big circle under my eye area. This is quite an old Eyeshadow Trio that I’ve had a few years so I’m unsure where I purchased it, I’m sure Amazon may have it.



For the next part I wanted to create a stitched look down the middle of my face not necessarily really straight, again more of a messy look as I liked that idea more. I didn’t want my Halloween Make – Up to look too neat and tidy. For this stitch effect I decided to use my brilliant NYC Liquid Eyeliner because it has a thin precision brush that is really easy to use. So I started drawing a line with my eyeliner down the middle of my face & down the middle of my nose, over the lips and just curled under my chin area. Then created the stitches by drawing thin short lines across one after the other going all the way down the line I previously created. You can buy the eyeliner I used Here


Using this same eyeliner I started to create my oversized demonic looking mouth which I started on my top lip from the stitch I already created, up the sides of each cheek to a point just before my ears & then back down, under my bottom lip again joining it up to the stitch already created there previously.


To create the evil looking pointed teeth I used my Technic Kohl Eyeliner Pencil just as an outline shape, making 2 diagonal lines coming to a point over & over all along the top and bottom inside the mouth area. You can purchase the Technic Eyeliner Pencil Here



To fill in the areas I wanted to look all black and more scary looking I used a cheap looking brush that usually comes with alot of the cheaper Make – Up pallettes that some people including myself don’t really use or like too much (they do have some uses). and my Snazaroo Make – Up pot in Black, I started applying it to the inside of the demonic mouth area, going around the teeth to leave them looking White but went back over the outside lines of the teeth and mouth area with this colour to make them stand out more and create more definition to the mouth.

wpid-wp-1445585090198.png   wpid-wp-1445585062826.png

Once Finished this stage I took my MUA (Make – Up Academy) lipbalm in the shade Red Rouge and I wanted to create a bold outside lip line around the outer part of the mouth just to make it look a bit more real and give it a bit more colour.

wpid-wp-1445585057244.png wpid-wp-1445585051275.png

Next I took my Art PVA glue & applied a very tiny amount to the tops of my eyelids (Please BE CAREFUL near your eyes) then I applied my Glitter Lips (Yes perfect for eyes too. Haha!!). I took an old Make – Up brush & dabbed it very slightly on the top of the glitter so I didn’t get too much on the brush, don’t go mad with this because the last thing you need is lots of glitter going in your eyes so just a tiny amount goes far enough. I quickly applied this onto where I placed the glue before it dried & with my brush I gently spread it across my eye lid being very careful not to get any glitter near my eyes.

wpid-wp-1445585044499.png wpid-wp-1445585038482.png


Just to make my eyes look that little bit more dramtic and more scary looking for this next part,  I took some Fake Blood I picked up locally from Asda in the Halloween Section & using an old nail art brush, I dipped it in the fake blood and just swept it across underneath my eye.

wpid-wp-1445585027924.png wpid-wp-1445585016925.png


Fake blood is a fantastic accessory item to use on Halloween because the limit is endless as to what you can use it for. You can use it on clothes, face or any other part of your skin and the effects really do look dramatic. Last but not least I just added my new Chanel Volume Mascara to create a bigger volume look to my eyelashes.


And this is my finished look!

My Demonice Stitched Face.




Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween night, whatever you are doing.  🎃😈👻💀🎉

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it all.

Any Comments, Likes or Feedback are all appreciated.

Much luv.




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