Chanel Mascara Review.


Last week I was very shocked, then massively excited when I opened my post to find I had recieved a gorgeous beauty item to review for my Blog…..Chanel Volume Mascara!. So this week I have been trying it out…and I’m very impressed & I absolutley love it.


The packaging the Mascara came in was a beautiful black box & inside was a shiny black foil packet. The whole presentation of this Mascara was very well thought of and put together nicely.


I’m not usually a fan of short thin brushes on Mascaras, I prefer a long thick brush for better coverage but suprisingly this covered very well with minimal strokes needed (2 strokes of the brush applied).


Now one thing in particular that I was extremely impressed & excited about was the fact that as soon as I applied the first stroke to my eyelashes I could visably see the creators of this product were not wrong about this Mascara creating volume because it instantly made my lashes look much longer, more defined & very intesified with each stroke which I loved because not one Mascara has given me this much volume before, not to this extent anyway.


This Chanel Mascara has great staying power too, not only does it glide on brilliantly but it also lasts all day without any need for re-applying which I also love.


Chanel obviously comes with quite a price tag – £25.00

You can buy this Chanel Mascara  Here personally I would definately buy this again because you really are getting what you pay for & in my personal opinion it is absolutley worth the price tag it is given, I love this Mascara so much & I have no negative feedback about this product at all.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All Likes, Comments & Feedback are very much appreciated.

Much luv.




2 thoughts on “Chanel Mascara Review.”

  1. This is awesome! Can I ask how they came about sending you products? I’ve tried contacting people for products to review (there’s only so much a girl can buy!), but no one has gotten back to me :/ xo


    1. This is a sample I won through a website another blogger told me about called Latest Free Stuff. This is there website:
      And they are brilliant in helping bloggers find companies that are offering free samples to test for blog review some are limited as this Chanel Mascara was so it’s basically a pick of random 10+ people who get the chance to win these samples to test. So I was literally shocked when this came through the post. I know what you mean though I’ve emailed lots of companies & I always get the sorry replies. But I have had about 3 out of 20 send me out samples to test so it’s still worth emailing companies and trying. Mostly I buy my Beauty items but it is nice to get the odd free sample to try. XoX

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