My Growing Nail Collection



My nail polish collection is growing rapidly, I love looking for new nail polishes, testing out new colours and buying any nail related accessories to boot.

This has not always been the case though, unlike many other little girls at such a young age that are excitedly wanting to get their nails painted by their mummies, nope not me….I was the typical tomboy as a child haha!.  Really unsure why but i wasn’t interested in Beauty, Make – Up or even Nail Polish. It has actually only been very recently within the last 5 – 10 years that I have actually become more girly, before then i wasn’t girly at all and if you were to tell me then that i would be this girly now, I think I would fall over laughing. So here I am 30+ and finally found the girl in me haha!.

So anyway in this Blog I thought I would show you my now ever growing Nail Polish collection & which are my top favourites that I absolutley love.


Rimmel London.

My top favourite has to be Rimmel London or Rimmel as it used to be known. It is the very first Nail Polish I bought, tested & instantly loved, it is the one Nail Polish I have always gone back to again & again. Different colours, different types like; Lasting Finish or my ultimate favourite 60 Seconds Nail Polish (which is the one I highly recommend).


What I love about both of these is that they LAST! They also come in gorgeous & endless amounts of different colours. The Rimmel Lasting Finish chips quicker & doesn’t last as long as the 60 Seconds Nail Polish but I still get a good 2-3 days wear out of it where as the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish I can get a good week’s wear out of it before I notice any chipping. I think Rimmel is forever going to be my go to Nail Polish that I will always go back to & I’m looking forward to buying more colours & growing my collection even more.


No7 Stay Perfect Manicure Nail Set.

This was a gift set that was bought for me at Christmas, I remember I was very excited about getting this because as I’m sure most of us have had the same idea… ”Great I can now try to do my own Manicures” because obviously at first glance watching tutorials, I’m kind of thinking ”How hard can it be?” as I’m sure many others must have had the same way of thinking or is it just me?!

Anyway not long after I got over the excitement of recieving this and Christmas was over.  I decided to give myself a manicure, then it hit me it is not so easy at all haha!. Not only could I not make it look how it was supposed to be but the whole No7 set I found completley rubbish to be quite honest. The Nail Polish after 20 Minutes was still not dry and felt very tacky so as you can imagine it didn’t go very well at all. I think after making 5 attempts I finally decided to give up trying. I also found that when brushing the polish on my nails I noticed what I can only describe as whispy string bits of Nail Polish floating around with every brushstroke. The whole thing was a disaster. So this is the only No7 set I have & I don’t think I will be buying No7 Nail Polish in the future.


Lumiere Glitter Nails.

This is a really nice set I bought from Home Bargains quite a few months ago and I think it was only around £2. So with this you paint your nails with the nail polish provided then before it dries you dip your nail in the glitter pot either for a full coverage of glitter, just at the tip of your nail or you could even use this to add a design onto your nail. I really love this and have used it many times & still have a lot left to use so for the price it really is a bargain as you do get quite a bit for your money. Not quite the nail designer (not something I have yet mastered haha!.) so I have only used it as a nail dip, I wish I was that talented. I would definately buy more of these in other colours, I love them.


W7 Limited Edition Crackle.

If you have ever read my previous Blogs you will know how much I love the W7 range so no surprise that I have this & Crackle Nail Polishes are also a favourite of mine so I had to put this in my Blog. 15ml bottle in the colour Earthquake White. I remember when these crackle polishes first came out and straightaway I had to try it so this was the first one I bought & I love it. I love this effect & I don’t know how they make it do that but it is absolutley amazing. It just makes nails look so good.

If you have not tried these yet, it is very clever. You basically apply a bottom coat in your chosen colour then when dry you apply a very thin layer of this on top and literally just watch the top layer just crack basically, it is just magic and something that if you have not tried it….you NEED to! Since falling in love with this I have bought another crackle from BarryM in black which I also love as much as this one. One sad downside to this is because it dries very quickly which is great but it also leaves your brush very clumpy but that is literally the one and only fault & it is nothing major in anyway and I will always be on the look out for more of these in different colours.


George Nail Varnish.

Another favourite of mine are the George@Asda range of nail polishes. I have a few different colours in these & I love them because again they are quick drying and any nail polishes that are quick drying win me over easily and plus these are so cheap to buy at only a couple of pounds or £1 in the sales which for quick drying nail polishes are an absolute steal. I’ve found they do chip quicker than the Rimmel range, I think it’s anywhere from 1-2 days wear. But to be honest at that price I’m not complaining! Definately going to be buying more of these as mine run low or run out because I love them. 

So that’s some of my collection, I do have many more as you can see in the first photo. I picked out my all time favourites & one that i had an issue with that I had to put in there too just because I thought it was a funny experience.

Have you had any funny/bad experiences with nail polishes?

What are you’re favourites?

Feel free to comment & let me know or send me a Tweet on Twitter.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All Likes, Comments & Feedback are much appreciated.

Much luv.



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