My Autumn Decor Favourites.


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Sorry i’ve not done a blog in a while but after illnesses & bad days I am now back and my brain is now functioning again, haha!.

These past few weeks I have been slowly kitting out my home with all my favourite Autumn decor, all the lush things that I love the most & really bringing my love of Autumn into my home, so I thought I would share that with you in my blog.




How many do you own?. Just out of interest!.

Candles are the one home item that most of us including myself cannot get enough of & we don’t buy just one oh no…..not just one but many!. I’ve even noticed just recently that men are even getting into and buying candles too now. They are so many different types of candles out there now!. Different scents, different shapes & even come in different packaging for display. They are just so many candles absolutley everywhere you go now more than ever before and Autumn is definately the month for buying them.

My favourites have to be really strong scents that last!. I love Apple Spice, Mulled Wine & Cinnamon scents too, I just love any candle that is based on Autumn or Christmas. I also love the fact that there are so many accessories to go with candles also like candle burners, lanterns, candlesticks and hurricane vases.  I don’t think candles are ever going away, it’s just endless year after year. Infact I think this year has been their year because the trend has seemed to have massively taken off this year for candles more than any other year. 

What are your recommendations on candles?.

What are your favourites?.

Comment or Tweet me and let me know!.

I would love to hear them.



Another Autumn favourite of mine, I love Potpourri all year round but again around this season out comes all the Autumnal scents. And like candles they can literally go anywhere in your home. You can add them to decorative bowls for display or hurricane vases, options are pretty endless. Best thing about Potpourri is that it is so cheap to buy too so if you wanted, you could literally have it in every room if you preferred.




Wreaths and Crafting.

With absolutley endless amounts of Autumnal themed decorations you can buy now,  you could go mad and kit out your whole house to look amazingly warm & so homely looking. I love seeing so much stocked out in the stores, it just all looks amazing and puts such a huge smile on my face plus also gets me very excited like a child in a sweet shop haha!. Unsure about anyone else but as soon as I see it all, instantly all I think of is that Christmas is around the corner.

One thing I love to do is crafting, although I haven’t made the time to do much crafting this past couple of months, now Autumn is here I think I’m going to have to find a bit of time to do some more. (I have so many ideas saved on my Pinterest I want to try lol).

Wreaths are another love of mine & I would have loved to make my own this year but I’ve been so busy, I think buying one is looking more likely. Wreaths are great to hang up on your door, they look so beautiful and just so welcoming to any of your visitors. Again so many different types of wreaths in all types of Autumnal looking designs, options are endless. I also love finding things to collect to use in crafting like leaves, acorns, berries (fake of course). Small branches/twigs even Autumn coloured materials like feathers etc would make any decor look amazing in your home. Just writing this blog is making me want to get all my crafting out now haha!.



Saved the very best until last. Of course we cannot leave out our old traditional Pumpkins, this is a massive tradition that has been going on now since the 20th Century and every year people still get excited about the whole Pumpkin buying & carving spooky faces in them. More recently this has turned to people putting their skills to use and carving such amazing themed pumpkin designs that look out of this world. This is just one of them traditions that is never going to fade or get old, every single year it will always be just as exciting as the next year and the next year after that. 

What are your Autumn favourites?

Which particular part do you love about this season?

Let me know in the comments or even tweet me.

I would love to hear your views or ideas to try.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

As always all Likes, Comments & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.




2 thoughts on “My Autumn Decor Favourites.”

  1. I love candles too and like your piece says men are into them to. My husband lives them – his idea of a cosy night in in autumn/ winter is loads of scented candles & twilights. I have to say though that I have moved onto wax melts too! Cannot have enough of either.
    I hate Halloween but for some reason am beginning to gain a collection of various pumpkins! They are so pretty – but of course a couple are candle holders!

    Liked by 1 person

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