Body Collection Review

I love trying out new products, especially beauty products so when I made a recent trip again to B&M’s I spotted more of what is becoming another of my favourite make up brands… Body Collection.

As I’ve mentioned previously, buying high end beauty products is out of my affordable price range but I do love to shop for great bargains anyway. So I became very excited to see more in this range, so on this trip I picked up an eyeshadow set which I loved the look of and I also picked up a very cute Blush with Bronzer/Contour set.


I loved the colours in the eyeshadow set instantly & since trying them I’ve grown to love them even more. The colours just look amazing & surprisingly for a bargain price of £1.99 the eyeshadows did stay put all day which really impressed me. The colours are not too vibrant but they just give a lovley shade to my eyes nicely. I was expecting the powder to be very loose and maybe fall down my cheeks as I swept the eyeshadow across my eyelid as some cheap beauty products tend to do, but again I was impressed as this did not happen either. All in all I am very happy purchasing this eyeshadow set & will be looking out for different shades to buy in this collection.

The Body Collection Blush with Bronze/Contour set I also love. The pink Blush looks great on and gave me a nice rosy glow to my cheeks. You only need to apply a very slight amount as the colour is quite vibrant so instantly I knew this was going to last me a long time so again for £1.99 I am very impressed. The Bronzer/Contour side is just as great, again you only need a small amount & applies brilliantly. It gives my cheeks that nice Contour look or if used as a Bronzer just gives me that nice warm glow to my face when I need it.

All together I am very happy with the quality & the colours and for £1.99 each that’s just amazing by itself really.

You can buy both of these sets Here

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