New Nudes!

As the title of this blog suggests….Yes I have New Nudes!

New nude lipsticks that is…haha!

I am absolutley loving my new lipsticks from Body Collection, not a make – up brand I’m familiar with but I came across a couple of other items of theirs a few weeks ago, one being my eyeshadow set & the other a Blush & Bronzer/Contour set and I love them, so when I found these lipsticks in B&M’s I instantly bought them. I’m so happy I did because I love them. So I have decided to write a blog review about them explaining what I love about them.


Soon as I saw them I instantly loved the design of the packaging because I like being able to see the shades without having to fiddle with a lid to find out they are sealed and there are no testers to try. With these I can straight away see the shades without having to swatch them & I always know straight away if I like the look of the shade & decide to buy them or not so this was a bonus for me that they have a nice clear view of the shades.


The two shades I chose was Straw & Pink Rose. The Straw lipstick which has a very slight tan tinge to it is my favourite out of the two because I’ve noticed I’m grabbing that one the most to wear although I do love both. The Pink Rose is a beautiful Pink but still a nude in my eyes because it is not very vibrant, it’s just slightly Pink in colour which I’m happy about because it did look a very deep shade but when I swatched it, it is actually alot lighter in colour than it looks.


Both of these lipsticks felt really nice on my lips, not oily or too full on, they just felt silky, smooth & another bonus they haven’t dried my lips out using them so the quality of these lipsticks really are fantastic to say they was very cheap to buy at only £1.99 each. I did find that if I used them on a night out I would need to take the one I’m wearing with me as I would need to reapply but reapplying lipsticks do not bother me at all especially if I love them, it is worth it & these certainly are so that is the only downside to them. I do want to buy more nude shades because I’m loving the nude shades this month not necessarily all from Body Collection because I do love to try new brands aswell as new shades so I will be looking out for more.

You can find these lipsticks Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All likes, comments & feedback are all very much appreciated.

Much luv.




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