September Favourites.

Now we are well into October I thought I would share with you my favourites from September, what I have been using a lot & what I love about them.


My most favourite is my Sunkissed Bronzer & Contour. What I love about this beauty product is firstly the design, it just looks so pretty with the sun & stars embossed into the powder to make it look so cute, which is also very big in size so is guaranteed to last a longtime which I think is great but not something that would fit easily in a tiny purse/bag.

The next thing I love about this is how easy it is to apply & the fact that you literally only need a small amount on your brush, so you really are getting alot of uses out of this Contour & Bronzer which is fantastic. This is definately something I highly recommend & will be buying again. You can purchase your own Sunkissed Contour and Bronzer Here


Also from Sunkissed are these Bronzing Pearls which are another favourite of mine. This gives a different shade of Bronzing to your face & cheeks because the little compact bronzing balls come in different colour shades which I think is great because it really makes your face, cheeks etc glow. The only downside I have to this beauty product is sometimes if you rub on them too hard they tend to stick in between the bristles of your brush &/or sometimes fall on the floor, so you do have to be very careful using this product, but I love these Bronzing pearls so that doesn’t bother me too much. Because have both of these items I tend to alternate between the two products throughout the week. You can purchase your own Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls Here


My other favourites I have been using a lot of this month are the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Eye Creams. These are absolutley gorgeous and what I love about these are the lush colours they come in & just how great they look on. I never used to be a big fan of eye creams but just lately I have been using them more than eye shadows. The ones I have are in shades #60 – Timeless Black, #35 – On and on Bronze & #65 – Pink Gold. #35 Bronze & #65 Pink are my top favourites, I use them two in particular alot because I just love the colours. I try not to wear too much dark on my face & I only ever tend to go for a darker lip shade in Autumn months just as a stand out effect on a night out. I do also highly recommend these Colour Tattoo Eye Creams to anyone that has not yet tried them because they are super cute & look amazing on. You can buy them Here


Heaven By Deborah Mitchell – This Primer & Toner I have absolutley loved using this as a Primer this month and I am very sad to say this has just run out. I have used this day & night throughout September and did last me throughout the whole month. Before I used any make up I applied this as a Primer for my face during the day & on a night before bed I used it after moisturing too. I cannot rate this beauty product highly enough because I just love it, what I loved about it firstly was the smell. The scent of this is just absolutley amazing, it’s hard to describe the scent of it, it is just 1 of those products you just have to try to know how amazing it is. It left my face feeling unbelievably soft and my skin smelling great all day and even into the next day I could still smell it on my skin. Highly recommended but it does come with quite a price tag but is absolutley worth every penny. Definately going to be a future purchase from me. You can buy the Heaven Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel Here


W7 – In The Nude – Natural Nudes – Eye Colour Palette. W7 is my all time favourite make-up brand that I am forever raving about, I absolutely love their whole range. I am forever using this eye colour palette and want to buy more. What I love about this palette is the colours, the packaging and of course the price tag. It’s just amazing quality for the low price that it is. Once applied the colour lasts all day and still looks great on my eyes at the end of the day which is a big thumbs up for me for a start, I don’t need to reapply at any point throughout the day which I love. This palette is another highly recommend product from me and I know it will be forever in make-up kit for a longtime to come as well as any other of the W7 Eye Colour Palettes I buy I’m sure. You can buy this Here


Hairstyling! My absolute favourites for styling my hair has been for such a longtime and I think always will be TRESemmé. I absolutely love all their haircare range, from hairsprays to shampoo & Conditioners and even my upmost favourite product for my hair ever which is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Hair Treatment (The round red tub in the photo) This is amazing, leaves my hair unbelievably soft and totally fixes my hair when dry, damaged or just in really bad condition. This is definately my go to product when I need to get my hair back to being healthy. Using a small amount rubbed in my hands I stroke through each strand of my most driest or most damaged area then I just leave it in for a few minutes whilst i then do whatever else I need to do and leave it until last to wash off and I can really tell the difference it makes to my hair afterwards. It just leaves my hair shiny, soft & looking more healthier. This is especially great for your hair if like me you use alot of products on a daily basis in your hair.

So these are my September Favourites! What has been yours? Let me know.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, likes & feedback are all appreciated.

Much luv.




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