Autumn/Winter Haul

Goodbye summer!, Hello Autumn!

Well Autumn is here & boy don’t we know it!
Cold days & even colder nights, plus dark nights & mornings are now getting earlier by the day too.
Out comes the jumpers, the thicker coats, the fur lined boots & of course all the wooly accessories.

So hear is my Autumn/Winter Woolies Haul.

Over the last couple of years I’ve gathered quite a collection, mainly scarves as I use these all year round.image So away go my summer accessories & out come my Autumn/Winter ones.

Here are a few of my favourites.


Three of my favourite winter gloves:

1 Black pair which are a mitten style with suede on the outside & a very soft faux fur on the inside, also has a very cute small lace detail on the side. I love them because they feel very soft to wear and surprisingly even though my fingers stick out at the front they still keep my hands very warm.

My long black & white stripey skull gloves: I fell in love with these straight away because I’m obsessed with skulls & I just loved this style, how long they were also impressed me.

These lovley deep purple gloves are soft to the touch. Don’t keep your hands as warm as my other gloves but I love the colour & the fact that they go with pretty much anything I wear.


This oversized grey beret hat & mitten style gloves were knitted for me & I absolutley love them.
Both are very thick made so keep me very warm & again look great with most of my clothing.
I’ve also found that they are very well made as both have lasted me a fair few years & are still in the same great condition as when I first received them.


Out of all the scarves I own, this one is definately my favourite simply because it’s lush, vibrant red & just looks all Christmassy. I only really wear it around Christmas time because it really makes me feel in the seasonal mood around this time when I wear it.
It is incredibly soft & just feels like silk to the touch. Again very well made, very thick and really keeps me warm even in the lowest of temperatures, around snowy days too. I look forward to the days coming soon when I will wear this again, usually around December.

Apologies for not adding in prices & places where I purchased some of the items mentioned but as I said I have had these hats, scarves & gloves many years so unfortunately I cannot remember.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog & I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All likes, Comments & Feedback are always highly appreciated.

Much luv.




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