Why do I wear Mascara?

Not many people know but I don’t actually need to wear Mascara because I have long, thick lashes.
So why do I wear Mascara?
Simply because I love my eyes to stand out more, I love making my eyes to be the focal point with my make-up. Eye make-up is my favourite product to work with, so many options & so many shades to play with to create a vibrant look that makes your eyes fully stand out.


I don’t buy high end/expensive beauty or make-up products unless they are in the sale, just being the fact that it’s way out of my budget, but I do love & prefer finding bargains anyway. (I’m a major bargain hunter.)!

So recently I took a trip to B&M’S it is one of my favourite places to shop for fantastic bargains. Our store is absolutely huge too so I don’t go in that often as I do get a bit naughty & tend to spend over my budget.

Anyway I picked up a few items (ok maybe a bit more than a few haha!)

The items I wanted to test & review on this blog are the two Mascaras I bought.


£1.99 – B&M’S 

W7 are my absolute favourite make – up/beauty brand because I love how affordable they are & I have no complaints about the quality as yet. I find them fantastic quality for the money.
When I found this Mascara I just had to buy it to go with my W7 collection as it is not a Mascara I have used before.

The first thing I noticed straightaway was how thick the brush was which I was very happy about, I’m not keen on thinner brushes simply because ive noticed thicker bristles give you a more full on statement look which I love.
Although I don’t need much Mascara I still love to make my eyes stand out more than the rest of my make – up & also noticed you only need to apply this once compared to thinner brushes I’ve used previously where I have had to apply more than one coat to get the achieved look I wanted.
Another noticeable fact was that it didn’t clump on my eye lashes like some cheap Mascaras I’ve purchased before have & they have ended up in the charity shop (I don’t like waste & I love to donate) so all in all I’m very happy with this Mascara & it will be continously in my make – up kit.


The Colour Experts – Volume Mascara.
£2.99 – B&M’S

I was in two minds to try this mascara or not because of the price being as cheap as it was. But as it turns out I did & I love it. It gives great volume because of the thick brush which I’m happy about & it also doesn’t clump or flake either. It lasts all day which I love about mascaras & was so easy to apply. Something I would definitely purchase again.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Any Comments, Likes & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much Luv. 



2 thoughts on “Why do I wear Mascara?”

  1. I’m the same! I don’t need mascara because my eyelashes are already quite long and thick. Also, when I use it and blink then my lashes always hit my glasses which is annoying! Haha. Although, I still love using it! ♡

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