Why I love Autumn.

Why do I love Autumn ?

Autumn is an amazing season to see, so many changes that happen in front of our very eyes. So what is so great about Autumn…?
Well in my blog I’m going to list the stages of Autumn & the reasons why I love it so much.

Autumn – also known as Fall in some parts of America.

Colder Air – means Wolly jumpers, log fires, Autumn Season Shopping ie: Candles, warmer clothes, new warmer boots, new thicker coat, home decor & accessories (to make your home look more Autumnal) then we have the love of Autumn shades in our makeup, nailcare plus extra care for our skin & hair too. (All essential for us women) & of course seasonal food shopping like soup, stew, casseroles. Because let’s be honest who doesn’t love an excuse to shop?!.


For those that live in big cities won’t see or notice as much of the changes, unless you have a local park. But for my family & I, we live on the very edge of a huge countryside area where we are surrounded by cliffs/rocks, a massive amount of trees plus acres & acres of fields with spectacular views. So we cannot really miss the changes that Autumn brings. As an avid Photographer, Autumn fascinates me so much & provides incredible opportunities for beautiful Photos.

Trees/Leaves – I love the colour changes…Red, Yellow and Brown, leaves falling to the ground. The crisp sound leaves make as you walk amongst them on the ground. Throwing leaves & making piles of leaves to jump into (you’re never too old to do this haha) crafting with leaves is fantastic with your young ones, making art from leaves. Can even bring outside into your home through accessories/decor.
It is actually amazing just how much you can do with leaves. 

Conkers – So many memories of childhood that still carries on today. The excitement of collecting Conkers as a child & now with our own children.
Playing the well known Conkers game:
Tying them onto string & taking it in turns to hit each others to see whose Conker smashes first.
Such a fun game loved even today by all children, although I think most schools have banned them now. Claiming them too dangerous.
(silly rules)

Celebrations – Halloween, Pumpkins, Dressing – up, Trick or Treat. Bonfire night, Fireworks, Warm Fires, Marshmallows.
Harvest Festivals –  Sharing grown crops like fruits, vegtables, homemade soups, stews, casseroles, nuts, seeds & pulses in a traditional festival that has being ongoing for many years.

Excitement lights the air with each celebration because it’s traditional & brings so much joy & happiness to everyone.


Everything I love about Autumn.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have a fantastic Autumn & don’t miss the changes most people miss every single day. Take the time out of your busy life to just stroll in your local park, even just once every couple of weeks and just see these changes Autumn brings because it is just breathtaking to see.

All Likes, Comments, Feedback Appreciated.

Much Luv.




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