SunKissed Bronzer Review

Just recently Bronzers have been my all time favourite make up product to use, before Bronzers I was using Blusher but was never really happy with how Blusher looked on my face. I wasnt really into the whole rose cheeks look but wanted my cheekbones to stand out a bit more as I have quite a rounded face shape.

Contouring is also a recent favourite of mine after seeing many other women using this method, it made me think how fantastic this look was, how much it really made your cheekbones stand out & gives off such a beautiful glow look to your face. 

So for a little while now I have been looking for a Bronzer that gives me the ability to create both the contour that I wanted to try to make my cheekbones stand out & also give me that beautiful glow to my face.

I was very happy to find one product from a very great company sunkissed that had this very beautiful bronzer that I was looking for & was very happy to try it, so a huge thank you to them for a start. You can visit their website with all of their products Here


When I got this Bronzer, the first thing that I noticed was how big this was & from the first look I was instantly impressed because it is very big in size which I loved. The next thing that really impressed me that I noticed was the beautiful pattern on the actual Bronzer inside. The Contour is a dark Brown & was imprinted in the style of a sun & the Bronzing powder had lovley little stars imprinted in the Bronzer. The whole look instantly made me love it, but did it stand up to my expectations? 


And the answer is….Yes!

Yes it did. Firstly what I loved about this SunkissedBronzer is that it was so easy to apply. I’m very new to the whole Contouring method & even using a Bronzer so I was quite nervous about using it, wondering if I would apply too much?  Would it make my skin look too dark? 

So I was very careful firstly adding the smallest amount of Contour to my brush & starting just at the top of my cheekbone area. I brushed it downwards on an angle then again on my other cheek, then I applied the Bronzer the same way & just softly sweeping alternatively in a semi circular motion & also on an angle just to blend it all in together. It blended in quickly & with no effort at all.

When I had finished I was instantly in love with this amazing beauty product, it just looked amazing on my face. It really did bring out my cheekbones just as I had hoped for & gave me such a lovley glow to my skin. It didn’t feel heavy on my face or made my face look too dark, it just gave me that lovley summer glow & enhanced my cheekbones with no effort at all.

Since receiving this Bronzer I have been amazed with every use at just how great it is & how easy it is to use, even for a beginner like me to Contouring. This is definately going to be a permanent beauty essential for me & I am so happy to have found the one beauty item I’ve been wanting amongst my make-up for a while now but could never find the right Bronzer for me & now I have, I highly recommend this beautiful Bronzer to anyone, it is an absolutely fantastic beauty product to own & I’m proud & happy to say I do.


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

Any Comments, Likes or Feedback is very much appreciated.

Much Luv.  



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