Ohh look I’m Hulk!


Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

By = £0.99

Easy to open sachet, contents: quite a lot inside. Quite a bargain for at least 2 applications. Easy to apply. The smell was very minimal.

Wasn’t too keen on how this facemask felt on my skin at first, it felt kind of strange as it quickly began to get very hot, which for me is really strange because I can usually take hot things well but this seemed to feel hotter than I expected & not In a nice comfortable way either. That’s really my only downside to it.

Other than that it left my skin feeling very soft after I washed it off & I did love the funky Hulk green shade on my face.

Not a great experience if I’m honest. Not something I would go out of my way to buy again.

It just seemed a bit too much for me. I’m happy with the way it has left my skin feeling though.

With Facemasks I prefer a deep cleansing, tingly feeling because you know it has really done something good to your skin & left you feeling refreshed but unfortunately this didn’t leave my skin feeling that.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, any Feedback, Likes & Comments are greatly appreciated.

Much Luv.



2 thoughts on “Ohh look I’m Hulk!”

  1. Love face masks, I’m a big fan of the Montana jeunesse range that are usually just as cheap. I really like the peel off ones, they tighten everything up again so I forget I’m 44 😊
    Absolutely love the photo of you Lisa, very funky!


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