Pamper Buys

How often do you get quality time to just give yourself a couple of hours to have a really good pampering session? 

For a few of us Mums including myself, it is very rare or not very often at all. We are either so busy during the day that when it comes to the night, all you really want to do is go to bed because you have been so busy on your feet either working, cleaning, working & cleaning or even just keeping your little ones entertained throughout the day for some of us fulltime stay at home mums.


We get so caught up in daily life that we seem to forget about ourselves or just get too tired to bother very much.


To us mums a pampering session & taking a couple of hours away from all life’s stresses & daily chores are a huge luxury. So what are your luxury pampering items that you do love to treat yourself to when you plan your pamper night?

Here are some of my beauty pamper buys that i have either bought or been gifted to me which with alot of my pamper buys, they do last quite a while as i myself don’t get time to have many pamper sessions but they are great to have in on rare occassions when we can grab a couple of hours to ourselves.


No7 Deep Cleasnsing Purifying Mask – Price Around £3 – £4.

This one was gifted to me & I have not used it yet so I will put this with my other facemasks that I bought recently & do a compare type of review blog very soon. It comes in a simple box & you get a 4x pack of 10ml sachets. so i’m quite looking forward to trying these out.


n-spa de-stress gift set Price Around £3.

This set I absolutley love & they all smell amazing.

n-psa de-stress bath – You only need a small amount of this as it does create alot of bubbles in your bath which I found out when I used this for the first time, loved the smell & not too overpowering but didnt seem to linger for that long which was a shame. It did make me feel relaxed which is the best thing for me, if you don’t feel relaxed, you don’t really enjoy a bath as much as you hoped.

n-spa body lotion – This also smells great & left my skin feeling very soft afterwards. I’ve used this body lotion quite a bit after a shower more than a soak in the tub because I usually get more showers than have a long soak & loved to use this. Quite easy to rub into your skin too, didn’t take long to sink in unlike other products I’ve used before.

n-spa foot butter – Love the foot butter also because it smells great & makes my skin feel soft & it works great to use for a good foot massage too.

n-spa hand & nail cream – I get very dry skin so any new hand creams I really do love to try out & I loved this. A little goes a long way so you really only need a tiny amount in each hand as it really does go far & lasts too. Again this smells really nice & not too overpowering but leaves a nice subtle scent.

These n-spa gift sets you can usually find in any beauty stores like Boots or Superdrug.

But around Christmas time you can find these n-spa products just about anywhere because this is how I came to find them in the store I mentioned above.


Boots Time to Cleanse Time Dimensions Conditioning Cleansing Cream Price around £3

This was given to me as a gift also & i love this because it has such a soft creamy feel to it & it really smells amazing. I usually apply this around my face with my cotton wool pads but it is an all round full body cream so you can use it just about anywhere on your body or face. One thing I did notice about this cream was that even after a couple of hours my skin still smelled just as good as when I first applied it after my shower so I was pretty impressed.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog, thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

Any Comments, Likes or Feedback is very much appreciated.

Much Luv.



2 thoughts on “Pamper Buys”

  1. I do love a good pamper session! For me I absolutely love Sanctuary Spa – I usually get it for christmas, birthdays, mothers day – you name the occasion and you can bet I receive it by the bottle load and its always gratefully received. I’m also a bit weird that I like everything to smell the same! I’m a big fan of the temple spa range too, but as it’s quite expensive I have to wait for really special occasions to get those! The n-spa range sounds reasonable though so I will certainly keep an eye out for those thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not heard of either of those but I think I will definately keep my eyes out for them too. It is so nice to receive things like these at Christmas. I really get excited when I get beauty products too, especially if I have never used them before. I love trying & testing new things which is why I new it would be great to start my own Blog page & I’m glad I did because I’m loving it. Thank you for your lovley comment. X

      Liked by 1 person

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