Winter I’m Ready

When Summer comes to an end & Winter is around the corner out comes the cardigans, wooly jumpers, basically all the shops stock up on all the latest fashions of Autumn & Winter clothing.

Weather isn’t kind to some of us alot of the time, especially here in the Uk. Wrapping up is needed to keep warm throughout the Autumn & Winter months & while we are out busy shopping for the essentails needed to keep us warm like warmer coats, jumpers/cardigans & warmer footwear, we also need to care for our skin as colder weather also means dry skin & chapped lips.

Because of this harsh weather we also need to care more for our skin so more essentials are needed like Moisturiser, body creams, Vaseline lip care & Chapsticks.



Nivea Soft 200ml £4.25

Nivea products i’ve used for many years & will continue to use forever, they are my absolute favourite beauty buys. Always leaves my skin soft after use & lasts too. I also love the smell of Nivea Soft, not too overpowering but leaves a nice fresh scent on your skin.


Dove Silky Body Cream Pot 300ml £4.27

I love Dove skincare products, the silky body cream pot is also 1 of my favourites. Very similar to Nivea, it also leaves my skin feeling very soft & smelling great. Not as thick in consistency, quite thin in fact but still blends in really well & doesn’t take any extra effort to apply.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion 250ml £4.19

This is great to use on very dry skin. I always have very dry skin over the colder months & this is my product to use in Winter months when it is very cold & my skin just really dries out.

This helps my skin a lot & use it often in Winter. I have Eczema so this can be very relieving on my skin & has a beautiful scent to it also. Definately something i have had & would always have in my beauty products for a longtime.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

Any Comments, Feedback & Likes are always appreciated.

Much Luv.




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