Bath Beauty Review

I recently purchased some bath bombs & Facemasks which i have never really used before. I ususally just use Radox Muscle Soak. Being a fulltime mum I don’t get to bathe much because it is so much quicker jumping in the shower when you don’t have much time & you know at least 1 person in your home is going to ask to use the Bathroom.
So to me a nice long soak in the tub is a kind of luxury.



Relax & Reviving Fizzling bath bomb. Purchased From:
Price: 39p (Approx).

Last night i randomly chose the Rose bath bomb out of the 2 to use, no particular reason.
Quite easy to unwrap & the scent was quite nice, not too strong of a smell. I found it quite funky to watch my water turn pink (Haha! I’m easily pleased).
This did take a while to dissolve when i added it under running warm water i noticed but that is to be expected as these bath bombs are quite large in size.
1 thing i wasnt very keen on was the fact that these bath bombs made your water & your skin very oily & i did slip around alot in the bath.
The smell seemed to have disapated which i wasnt very impressed with, i was expecting a nice smell when i got in my bath but was quite dissapointed.
A pro about this bath bomb i did like though was that it did leave my skin feeling very soft afterwards & it did seem very nice to treat myself to a little bit of luxury.
Overall i wasnt too impressed but at such a cheap price who could complain, nice to try & I would like to try other brands of bath bombs to compare differences.



Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask.
Price: 99p

Ok so I have never used a face mask before & I thought i would give some a try. I bought 3 to try but last night i decided to try the cucumber face mask just because i’ve had other beauty products with cucumber in like cleansing facial washes & loved them so this was my 1st choice for that reason.
The packaging was easy to open, just tear the top across. looking at the packaging I thought I was going to need scissors. When i opened the packet i was quite surprised because you got quite alot inside to say the packet wasnt very big & quite thin to look at. So for the price immediately I was already impressed.


Something that also grabbed my attention straight away was the fact that it didnt smell of cucumber at all, it did have a distinct scent that i couldnt put my finger on what it was but it was very pleasent so that was quite a surprise because I was expecting at least a bit of a smell of cucumber especially when the content was a light green in colour.
To the touch it was very thick in consistency so went on my face quite well & didnt need to use much at all, in fact its safe to say there was enough in the packet for about another 2 or 3 more applications which is pretty impressive in it’s self for the price.

Within a few minutes of wearing the face mask I could feel it tightening up on my skin & it felt kinda strange at first but not too bad. The scent was fairly pleasent & i did laugh when my face turned a funky green colour (again easily pleased)
Ok so washing it off was easier than I thought it would be, compared to how tight it felt on my face, I think i was expecting to have to scrub my face quite alot to get it all off but nope it was pretty easy just to rinse off with warm water with very little scrubbing required.
After i dryed my face I was very impressed at how soft my face felt & how much more firm it felt, you could definately feel the difference it had made using the face mask.
Overall i was really impressed with this face mask & looking forward to trying the other 2 i have left. Definately 1 beauty product I’m going to be buying more of & looking forward to trying new brands.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Any Comments & Likes are very much appreciated.

Much Luv.




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