Beauty & The Bag Review

So i thought i would share with you my beauty buys this week.




Firstly I absolutely love miniature travel beauty items. This Dove Moisturiser was a bargain at just 35p.
I love them because you can fit these in pretty much any bag you take out with you & to be honest the size of these miniatures look really cute too.
For me personally i use moisturiser alot because i get very dry skin & i love Dove for this as it works like magic for me. I think Dove products smell absolutely gorgeous.
I don’t find them too oily & it does blend into your skin very quickly. It also leaves my skin feeling so soft.




The only thing i have ever used to remove my make-up has always been face wipes like Tea tree or Simple face wipes.
I came across these Cleansing Pads while in Superdrug & they are Superdrug’s own brand.
At first i was a bit sceptical as they was a bit cheaper than i would normally pay but a bargain at £1.97 i do believe.
I decided i would give them a try as i love to try out new products. I was very surprised when i tried these, not only did they smell great but after using them my face felt very refreshed & very tingly, kind of like i had used a facial scrub. My face felt so soft after using them.The pads are very thin not overly soaked but not dry & do have a rough feel to them but didn’t leave my face feeling sore or looking red afterwards which i thought looking at them they would have done that. But over all i am very happy i bought these & is definitely going to be amongst my beauty products from now on.



My last bargain buy for now is my Cherry Bag.
Originally made by Red Herring of Debenhams but i saw this whilst out shopping unbelievably yes in my local Charity Shop for £4. It is quite large for a ladies handbag but i love large bags. It has 2 big leather look handle straps which would fit generously over any coat if wearing 1. It has 2 side pouches, a zip pocket on the inside of the main part of the bag. And the top of the bag also has a chunky zip to close. 1 of my favourite parts is the bigger front pocket that has a lovley chunky gold coloured locking mechanism which i think makes the bag look fab. The Cherry design which is my most favourite part about the bag, being a Rockabilly style girl myself this just made the bag look absolutely gorgeous to me & would go with any of my Rockabilly Style dresses/clothing i own.
I do have another beauty blog coming up of other beauty products i have not yet tested so that will be coming in the next day or 2.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Any comments, likes are very much appreciated. 




6 thoughts on “Beauty & The Bag Review”

  1. Love, love, love that bag!! Also thanks for sharing the facial cleansing pads!! I used to buy these from Avon but they stopped selling them I will have to find my nearest super drug store & stock up x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the bag – what a bargain!
    Can’t beat a good rummage in a decent charity shop.
    Really like your blog, your photos are amazing and I look forward to reading more x


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