Vintage Travel.

Sunday 5th July my family & i took a nice walk to Shipley Glen to go see some Vintage buses that were on display for the day, for people to take a look around & even go inside some of the buses. Aswell as buses there were Vintage Coaches & old Vintage Bus Tow trucks that helped buses if they had broken down.


As we were looking around I felt unsure who was more fascinated my children or myself.  I was born in 1980 so I don’t remember much about these old vintage buses but they were really interesting to me. It was fantastic seeing them all lined up. It started to amaze me how different they looked then to how they look now, how far luxury travel has extended & grown since these buses were mainly used back then. 


Things we take for granted now such as Pram & Wheelchair bays, the availability of the bus ramp & the bus being able to lower at 1 side to make it easier for parents with prams & pushchairs to get on & off the bus. It really makes you wonder how much people struggled when these old buses were in service.

Whilst looking around  I also noticed how very small & compact the buses were compared to how much wider & bigger they are now, it must have been very uncomfortable on very hot days because i know how uncomfortable they feel now on hot days but it must have felt much worse back then


of the first things my little boy wanted to do was sit in the bus drivers seat & straight away i noticed how different the steering wheel was, so much bigger & the gear stick looked much more fiddly compared to how much easier gear sticks are modernised today. 


Wallace Arnold was founded in 1912 & was named after its founders Wallace Cunningham and Arnold Crowe. We was lucky enough to see 1 of there more modern but still quite old coaches. Very vintage looking & very compact in size. Day trips must have been an uncomfortable & very hot journey.


Something that caught my attention & although I have seen old vintage buses before still seem to fascinate me was the open back of the bus with no door & the fact that people could just climb aboard & alight from the back of the bus.

  A very distant vivid memory I do remember from being young was seeing Clippies as they was known then or Conductors as I remember them & more modernly known as. They have now become a thing of the past & no longer seen on buses anymore.

This day has made me realise how much times change & how even public transport changes through the years & it makes me wonder how public transport will look when my children grow up & how much different they will be again to them. 

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