Photography growth.

Not posted a new Blog for a while since my 1st Blog post because ive been so busy with home life & other commitments. 

So since my 1st Blog i posted so much has happened. 1 of my photos has again been chosen to be used on a Nature Reserve Opening Day Flyer which i am very happy about. 


And i have recently decided to take the plunge & make my own Photography page on the ever-growing social networking site Facebook. I was very nervous  and apprehensive about doing this as i wasnt sure how it was going to turn out or if it would be a success…but so far so good. In the 1st few minutes of making it public it had received around 15 Likes. Which i was stunned but very happy about & has received a few more since.



I had never created my own page before so was very sceptical about how it would turn out but now my confidence is growing daily im just enjoying promoting my page. 

Another step into my Photography growth is that i am signing up to a Photography college course which i have mixed feelings about. I am really excited to be learning to do what i have loved for more than 10+ years but very nervous at the same time, mainly due to the fact that im a lot older now & feel a bit awkward going back to learning at my age but maybe that is my own lack of confidence in myself creeping in yet again.

So i just thought i would write my 2nd blog as a sort of update really. I’m still not used to blogging yet & hoping my blogs are ok and are an interesting read. Worst thing about blogging for me is the thought of boring readers that like to read other people’s blogs but i am still learning all this so im sure my blogs will get much better. 

Thanks for reading my Blog.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are appreciated.

Much luv.




3 thoughts on “Photography growth.”

  1. I love that you now have a facebook page, but HELP! I cannot find it. There are loads of other ‘L G Photography’ pages, but none with that camera picture that I can find, or maybe it is different? Could you help me find it please? Many thanks.


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