My Photography Journey.

So My Photography journey started roughly about 10 years ago but all my life i have loved Photography. I love how each picture tells a story. I love how literally anything you choose as your subject can be made to look beautiful & tell a story. 

I have always had issues with confidence due to personal issues to the point where my Photography has never really gone anywhere but i just kept it as my hobby and personal to myself mainly due to my zero confidence & because i didn’t think i was that good which is still kinda what i think but my friends & family would argue that fact. I suppose it takes a lot of feedback to make you see otherwise, which i am now getting great feedback on my Photography which is helping my confidence & slowly allowing me to believe in myself a little more than before. 

I love all aspects of Photography & now due to the amazing support i am receiving, my Photography is slowly being noticed. With only the use of my Galaxy Note 3, not a photography camera or even a simple point & shoot camera nope just me & my phone.


Just in 1 week thanks to an amazing friend i have had 1 of my Photos i took on the front cover of a local events Magazine & another used at a recently funded Nature Reserve that has been created from an empty land that wasnt used for anything. My amazing friend sent them my photo without me knowing & they loved it so much they used it at the Nature Reserve & i received an Email asking my permission if they could use it. So yeah all that in 1 week. So that made my week & obviously was very stunned & shocked. It was literally the best week for my Photography ever.

It felt great knowing that my Photography was finally getting recognised after 10 years of doing Photography. The feeling you get you cannot even describe or put into words but it felt amazing. So now 10 years on & my Photography finally out there i now have enough confidence to want to finally turn into a career which 10 years ago if you told me i would be this far i would most likely laugh at you.


Now im looking into getting my 1st Dslr camera & looking into getting better by looking at Photography Courses to start me on my big journey as a recognised Photographer, which i have never ever claimed to be an actual Photographer or called myself a photographer before as i knew i never was, it WAS just a hobby!

Life is looking brighter!

Any comments, likes & feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you, much luv.




5 thoughts on “My Photography Journey.”

  1. That is amazing picture and I’m so excited about that success for you. I’ve found on my own photography journey, that I can be frustrating; especially, when you have confidence issues. I was actually just questioning my journey when I read your comments earlier today. People always see what is beyond our own eyes and I’m glad you’ve decided to travel this journey and I look so forward to seeing more of your work.

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  2. They are lovely photos Lisa. Congratulations on your ‘overnight success’ after 10 years of photography! My photos are regularly being used too. Though mostly to cover holes in the wall. A DSLR will help you no end in improving, if that’s the right word, after seeing your great shot of an owl. I made a silly mistake in getting a camera without the ‘raw’ format & now have to try & change it. I too have a blog. Just click on my name & go have a look if you want, any feedback will be appreciated, as it’s very new. Thanks & good luck with your blog. You obviously need no luck with your photography.

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    1. Thankyou so much for your lovley feedback, really appreciate it. I have much more photography i have done over the years I’ve been doing photography. The Owl shot was taken at a local festival of a man who as there known as The Owl Man because he rescues Owls from young that needed rescuing & this is his oldest 1 that was Orphaned. Unfortunately he/she was very old at the time so i dont think he will still have this 1. The Owl was so friendly & very Photogenic so was fairly easy to use as my subject. Such a beautiful bird i had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions. I will be adding more of my work as i create more blogs along my journey. It would be my pleasure to check out your blogs. Im still unsure about all the photography jargon so to speak as i still have a lot to learn which im looking forward to along my journey. 😊

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